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Simple Option Trading Strategies

Do you have plans to trade in options and futures? If you do, then you must be equipped with the right option trading strategies. Having the right strategies can protect you from substantial risks that are very common in the trading floor.

In order to own an option, you need to pay premium money for it and this is considered the risk. For an option that is in or at the money, you may need to invest more. Prices of out-the-money options are usually dependent on the likelihood of being in or at the money before the option contract’s expiry.

Here’s a situation that you might want to consider. When the futures market is moving towards the strike price of your option or through it, you can collect profits by exercising your rights to offset the position. The premium may be forfeited if the market is unable to reach or exceed the strike price of your option. Hence, the option is worthless and will expire. To get back a portion of the premium, you can sell the option before it expires. When planning your strategies, you should know a great deal about selling, writing, and exiting options.

Any trader would want to achieve success in the trading floor. If you’re determined to trade, you also need to learn more about techniques in option spreading. Perhaps you’re already familiar with bear and bull spreads. Basically, these option trading strategies will affect the profit potential. You may be able to recover a part of the option’s initial cost but you’re also going to lose a certain percentage.

If you want growth of 10% to 15% each month, you can try selling the credit spreads. This is ideal for traders with limited time to analyze the market. However, if you’re the hyperactive trader type, this strategy might not work on your favor. You must learn to conduct trend analysis on your selected stocks and the market in order to generate profits.

Another way to obtain profits upfront is by selling your naked puts. The margin requirements for this strategy are higher than the previous strategy but the returns are similar.  However, you can only use this strategy when the market is trending upwards.

If you are deep in love with binary options or DITM, you can buy and sell them if you want. This is also known as great swing option trading strategies. You can obtain the stocks at half their prices which increase your chances of doubling the profits. Trades are on the short term, around three to ten days. The option’s price movement is matched by the stock’s price movement. Because of this, you are able to benefit as well without worrying about dividends and other related factors.

If trading is your business, you can sell covered calls. A stock’s cost can be reduced by simple selling the covered calls. However, if you’re a sentimental trader, this is not for you. If you are called out occasionally and you sell the stock, you can move to the next stock with ease.

Check out these simple option trading strategies and you will always generate profits.



Getting Started with Binary Option Account

In this fast world of business, making money is the most difficult part if you don’t know how to run it. There are different ways you can invest money like having your own business or be in the world of trade: the binary options. This kind of trading has different types which you can choose from. All you need is to have a binary option account and welcomes you to the one the most popular when it comes to trading.

First is when you have a binary option account, you can pick an asset which you now predict if it’s value can be up or down and the loss value of the trade when it comes to expiry period. Like trading a binary option which has 60 second, your investment has a little start but if you are right you can gain profit and losing a profit if you are wrong.

When you enter a low barrier you are in the biggest advantage. When your binary option account is just starting or so called as newbie, this advantage can be quite interesting for you. Investing only a small amount within a moderately phase of time, you could gain the biggest profit of up to 60 to 80% from your investment which is in the first place that you just invested a small amount of money and it’s quickly adding up. Another advantage also if you have a binary option account is that you will know the situations’ all possibilities. Which in regard of the investment value that is well recognized to you as an investor in advanced time. And if you know the value of such investment whether it will lose or gain from the trade, you can plan ahead of time some market strategies. It will greatly help you and makes it easier to trade.

It’s is newbie friendly because you don’t need to know how intricate the details are about this kind of market where you are investing in but of course learning how the details work will give you more information and it may help you more when it comes to trading on the market. Studying a lot of chart can be a little bit confusing but it can greatly help you where to put your assets on a period of time for its value and to what direction it is going. You need to put effort to pursue your goal.

Because of its fast paced trait like choosing a 60 second option means that you can get your investment return at a quicker rate of time. It can help to have a larger investment capital which you can choose and buy different assets and it helps you make your profile. Every trade is determined by none other than the trader that gives them great flexibility to make decisions.

So create a binary option account now to be in this kind of market today. You can choose from different binary brokers online and have binary options platform demo to get started to learn how to get a good trading system.



Different Strategies Applied in Binary Options


Your success in your binary options trading depends on how you carefully apply all the strategies you learned from different sources.  Binary options should let you realize that personal planning and analyzing will contribute a lot to the smooth flow of your business.

If you are a binary options broker, you should thoroughly study the essential details required to generate high profit in binary trading. Most of the new investors in the market of binary options are searching for the best methods to use.  The answer still depends on the person who will give the advice so the right group of persons to consult is the big investors. Let them share how they started on this industry and how they trade their binary options skillfully.

To earn more profits, the binary options broker should do the most essential part which is finding own niche in this market.  The leading investors today never became trading geniuses in just a day. They have been into long process just to master the trading system.

Inexperienced investors can be successful in binary options trading even on the first stages of their business. The following list of strategies will help you achieve success even in the very beginning of your trading.

·         Selecting the most convenient and best platform for your binary options is one of the most significant factors to consider in binary trading options.  Searching online for platform selection will provide you with so many options. Each of the platforms suggests that they are the most convenient partner in your binary options marketing.

The most vital part of your selection is to carefully choose the platform will provide you with good asset selection to trade so you will get more diversity and longer expiry times to allow long or short term investments.  

·         Select the asset you are most familiar with.  When you are already registered to binary options platform, take the chance to choose only the asset which you know how to manage well and will give you higher profit.  Ask yourself first how you can effectively trade your binary options once you have decided which asset you like to invest.

·         Select for the expiry time which works well for your strategy. Choosing the best expiry time is the key factor for successful trading according to most big investors.  It is the greatest advantage in binary trading because the investor has the opportunity to find an expiry time (at the end of the hour, day, week or month). Your decision depends whether you seek for short term or long term gain. But if you wanted to gain short term win, the end of the hour suites best for your trading.

These are just some of the key strategies to remember especially if you are still on the first stage of binary options trading. When you are able to apply them skillfully, you can be more confident in taking the next level of your options trading system and you will surely acquire more expertise from it. If you need more strategies, never hesitate to get advice from the leading investors.



Since binary options became widely available, the number of strategies used in binary options trading also increased. There strategies were developed by individual investors as well as the top brokers.  However, if there is an increase in trader speculation, the risks also increases.  That is why it is very important for the traders to understand various strategies.

Purchase a Put or Call Option

This is considered the most upfront strategy in binary options trading.  The main advantage of purchase a Put or Call option is the fact that it is extremely simple. For instance, you make an investment of $500 in Put option, end-of-hour EUR/USD. You will earn $850 if the EUR/USD pair finishes lower at the end of the hour. Although the option you bought finishes out-of-the money trading, you will still have a return of 15% of the initial investment.

Purchasing both Put and Call Option

Another increasingly common strategy nowadays is that the traders are usually in the middle of the trade.  If they think that their chosen option might finish out-of-the-money trading, they will purchase options in the opposite direction.  For instance, you make an investment of $100 in end-of-day NASDAQ call option at $1, 1800 strike price.  However, if you feel that the option is moving against you after several hours, you can think of other strategies in binary options.  Purchasing a Put option with the same value (for this case $100) can become your strategy.  By selecting it, you can at least minimize the possible losses.

Double the Trades

For expert traders, one of the most common strategies is doubling the trades.  For instance, you purchased $100 in Dow Jones Put option at 10,033.  If you think that the movement of the trade is in your favor, then buying additional Put option might be a good strategy to implement.  The advantage of this is that you can have a very high turnover on the initial investments.  Strategies in binary options trading like this are frequently adopted only by traders who have advanced familiarity with financial markets.

Market Pull

Market pull is another straightforward yet tricky strategy.   The idea behind this strategy is to make investment either in Put or Call option when financial markets are having dramatic changes.  For instance, there was a leaked newscast saying that dollar will drop and the highly skilled trader in binary options might buy USD/JPY Put option. The basis is that the pair of currency will decline and the trader will obtain high profits.  Most traders in binary options made huge revenues using this strategy.


Necessary Experience is Minimal

The strategies that can be used in binary options trading are definitely countless.  The basic tip in employing various strategies in trading is that you are the boss. Meaning, you must do the things which you think are appropriate for you. You should select a strategy that suits you best as well as your style in trading.  Another thing to take into consideration is that many successful traders instantaneously adopt various strategies. In other words, the more experience you have in trading binary options, the better.